Now Rose Absolute Essential Oil – 30 ml

৳ 1,330.00

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  • Balancing and uplifting
  • Treats dry, mature skin and wrinkles, nausea, circulation, menstrual discomfort, tension and sexual disinterest, aphrodisiac, stress, asthma and allergy
  • No specific precautions
  • Blends well with sandalwood, orange, neroli, frankincense
  • For External use only. Do not ingest.


Often mistaken for rose essential oil, otto of rose is actually the finest rose oil available. When extracting oil from rose plants it is difficult to retain all of the natural constituents of the oil. Otto of rose is painstakingly extracted to retain all the natural constituents of the oils and create a highly condensed and extremely pure oil. Although of an excellent quality, standard rose essential oil and even rose absolute should not be confused with the superior otto of rose. For rose absolute see French rose.

Main Uses:

Rose oil is used in skincare for dry and mature skin. Rose oil produces a beautiful fragrance that is balancing, relaxing and uplifting. It is a well known romantic and aphrodisiac aroma also helping to ignite passions when they have been flagging.